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VolgAI is a managed IT services company supporting organizations with complex requirements to find solutions that span their entire businesses. We are based in Melbourne but our services aren’t confined to one single country; we are happy to serve you whichever nationality you belong to.

At VolgAI, our clients are our top priority. We’re constantly aiming to provide outstanding IT support services, web & software products, data-driven digital marketing services, data analytics business solutions, unparalleled customer support, and a competitive edge over the rest of the competition. Our team of handpicked specialists adheres to a robust and rigorous process of how we do our work. It enables us to ensure every project we work on is accomplished successfully with professionalism at each step.

Every client we work with adds one more building block to our mission to change human lives by delivering innovative products and exceptional customer service. So, our dedicated team will help you pave your way to further your business ideas with innovative technologies, towards the ideal IT solution to achieve your business goal. Delivering intelligent IT solutions to streamline business operations with enhanced customer satisfaction, we help you sustain a competitive edge.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art IT consulting and services to help organizations accelerate the adoption of the new-world technologies, resolve complex issues that emerge during the shift, and receive the utmost benefits from a successful digital transformation.


Our Vision

Our Vision

VolgAI envisions a fully online world and endeavours to contribute towards the digital transformation of the global community.


Our Norms

Our Norms

Listen, understand, process & give more than what you received.

Why Choose Us

Your business growth depends on your IT infrastructure and we’re the right team of experts to rely upon. At VolgAI, our clients are our top priority. Striving to offer the best data-driven solutions and always ready to take the extra mile for our clients, we aspire to change human lives through innovation. Based in Melbourne, we proactively provide IT support, IT assistance and IT consulting not just locally, but across Australia and other parts of the world, at the greatest standard. We assist our clients to grow their productivity and flourish past their competitors.

We Engage

Before beginning any project, we listen to our clients, discuss needs & requirements, and understand your business's ideas, plans, and objectives. Then we identify your challenges and advise the fittest solutions. Because we understand the necessity of clear-cut client communications.

We Are Expereinced

We’ve assembled a team of adept professionals who bring years of knowledge and expertise to the table and have helped more than 1000s of happy clients. our hunger for innovation & technology drives our team towards further improvements in solving complex IT challenges.

We Respond Immediately

Time is a very crucial factor in determining the growth and success of the company. Responding to requests immediately is vital in the IT sector where latency is measured in milliseconds. No matter how small your problem is, we'll respond to your request and put our noses to work immediately.

We Love What We Do

We are passionate about working with our clients to find optimal solutions for their business challenges. Our commitment and enthusiasm towards what we do are reflected in the satisfaction of our current customers.

We Pursue Quality

We’re constantly improving and don’t stop refining our skills. We pursue quality work with synchronized teamwork, fluid communication, and par excellent results. We take upon any project like it's our own, because Quality Matters!

Tackle Your Business

We sit together with you to offer tangible and practical solutions to your business problems. If you’re facing a problem, we listen to the problem and advise several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem.

We Are Passionate

We love working with our clients to find great IT solutions that empower their business challenges and also allow us to grow. And that's why we're constantly delivering smart, intuitive, and customer-focused digital solutions.

We Are Fun To Work With

We understand how crucial the experience of working with a customer is. So, we're always searching for ways to connect with our clients and bond better. We genuinely care about our clients’ utmost satisfaction with our services.

Security is Paramount

We understand the importance of security in this data-driven world of IT and how even the slightest of security breaches could lead a business to its grave. So, we follow and enforce only the Best Security Practices internally and for all our clients. Our team follows security protocols and keep networks safe.