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VolgAI helps different sorts of organisations to create powerful content that can lead to conversations of the right kind. Our creators have fresh ideas and the appropriate skillset to turn any topic into engaging, attractive, and captivating content that is shareable & simple at the same time. Let our content marketers add value to your ambitious business and drive it towards success.

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Any digital marketing campaign in the modern era depends on easily marketable content and reaching the right audience. VolgAI’s content marketing team is composed of individuals with innovative ideas, experience, and different expertise capable of creating extraordinary content. Our team can turn your existing bland content into SEO-friendly, interesting, and broadly engaging ones and plan its future upgrades. Working together with SEO, SMM, PPC, and the Web development team, you can expect an all-powerful content marketing firm in VolgAI.

As you continue pushing high-quality content that provides value and clarity, your viewers will develop trust, motivating them to make a purchase decision sooner or later. Contents are like your 24/7 employees that help and inform the audience about your business or service. But like any shabby employee, it only takes one of the faulty contents to ruin your business. Let our content marketing experts handle your content and elevate your business to new heights.

Blog Content Creation

Blog postings are a great way of enhancing brand exposure and traffic on your website by focusing on visual storytelling. Our writers and content marketers plan each blog post using your suggestions and SEO best practices. Our posts attract your target audience, support your marketing strategy, and fulfill your commercial goals.

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SEO-Optimized Web Content

Our A+ content writers collaborate with content marketing strategists and SEO experts to provide you SEO Rich web content on each of your landing pages. Our goal is to provide useful material to visitors while also optimizing for search engines.

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VolgAI’s infographics turn data into digital stories. In collaboration with content writers, marketing strategists, and project managers, graphic designers utilize 2D graphics, characters, illustrations, and stylised iconography to simplify complex themes.

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We Make A Difference In Your Business With Our Expertise
We provide services that complement and elevate your business. It is no longer an expense but a smart investment when our experts are working for your business. When your digital presence of any form (websites, apps, social media, and more) generates revenue while spreading your brand message globally, you can't complain.
Our developers are passionate to set and exceed the high standard with each product. Similarly, Our digital marketing team is filled with experienced leaders and young fresh ideas. We have over a decade of experience serving hundreds of active clients to reach their business goals. All these and more at a very competitive and reasonable cost, there is no challenge too difficult to overcome while partnering with us. VolgAI grows together with your success. We make sure you are not short of anything with exemplary IT Services in Australia.

Our Professional Approach To Content Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is a type of marketing that entails creating, publishing, and distributing online content for a specific audience, such as videos, blogs, articles, and social media posts, in order to encourage interest in a company’s products and services. It is a relatively long-term strategy to bond with your audience before pitching the sales.

Blogs are vital for enhancing brand exposure and traffic on your website by focusing on visual storytelling. They’re an amazing approach to boosting your web presence by bringing in organic visitors.

  • Increase organic traffic through search engine rankings and social media sharing
  • Expand brand awareness through service-related content sharing
  • Increase involvement in social media
  • Improve SEO factors for ranking higher
  • Better rates of conversion

Here are some features/characters to have in your content to make it more marketable, shareable, and conceivable:-

  • Make sure you have a compelling headline/title to represent the content.
  • Make the first 10 seconds of the content (both for reading and viewing) engaging. You can lose over 70% of the audience during this period.
  • Narrow your focus on the content. You are not preparing a dictionary but covering a small and rather curious subject.
  • Be engaging through the use of components like clip-arts, animation, images, facts, quizzes, and more.
  • Make sure your content reflects your unique brand voice.
  • Give your audience/readers/viewers/visitors what they want. Respect the value of their time and don’t beat around the bush.

Yes. With the help of our expert content marketers, you can smartly utilise your existing content. We might also update the content management system of your site to achieve better results. By reusing your stagnant content you can get the benefits of content marketing at a reduced cost.

Content marketing generally deals with creating blogs, podcasts, graphics, and email autoresponders for your business. Copywriting mostly has to include sales pages, direct mails, and ad copies within them. Content marketing works closely with your business promotion while copywriting with your sales and conversion.

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