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Mobile Application is the new essential for any aspiring business. VolgAI will equip your business with a modern app made available through prominent app stores to users from all around the world. We will build you a feature-packed, cross-platform, fast, and secure business application at the best cost. Also, benefit from free support and updates for the first year with us.

A Premier Mobile App Development Company In Australia

With the surge of mobile users in the modern world, a good mobile application for your business is vital. Given this powerful ability to get your presence on smartphones around the world, you can be noticeable to a greater extent. Our team of strong developers can make capable cross-platform apps for your business to cater to the ever-increasing audience here. Your application will be deployed and made available worldwide through different app stores.

Mobile App Development In Australia is more than just building it. From research to planning and post-release optimization, you require a competent company to provide you with a complete service. VolgAI believes in giving 100% in every app we make. Our responsibility doesn’t end upon releasing the app. We will work further in improving it and handing you the best product possible. Our support & maintenance is top-notch in case you need assistance with the app in future.

App Planning & Design

We will start from scratch and create a beautiful design & interface for your app. Our team will examine the industry standards and make sure your app has the necessary features and functionalities to perform the best.

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Developing & Testing

Our Developers, QA, Testing & Debugging team is closely knitted to work and compliment each other. With us, you just have to provide your ideas and they can code them to perfection. With a smooth app user experience, we work continuously to make sure the mobile App is flawless.

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Release & Updates

After official completion of the app development and testing, we release it to the standard app stores. App store optimization and promotional campaigns are also provided with the package. We are also flexible to incorporate new features and improvements in the form of app updates.

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What Makes Us Better Than Other Companies in Australia?

We Make A Difference In Your Business With Our Expertise
We provide services that complement and elevate your business. It is no longer an expense but a smart investment when our experts are working for your business. When your digital presence of any form (websites, apps, social media, and more) generates revenue while spreading your brand message globally, you can't complain.
Our developers are passionate to set and exceed the high standard with each product. Similarly, Our digital marketing team is filled with experienced leaders and young fresh ideas. We have over a decade of experience serving hundreds of active clients to reach their business goals. All these and more at a very competitive and reasonable cost, there is no challenge too difficult to overcome while partnering with us. VolgAI grows together with your success. We make sure you are not short of anything with exemplary IT Services in Australia.

Our Professional Approach To Mobile App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

At VolgAI we provide assistance in every stage of the App Development process. This includes assisting you with the research, requirement listing, and providing the next ideas related to the app. Our team will communicate with you with such simplicity that you can get the app you have thought of even without prior knowledge or experience.

Every application is different and so is its development lifecycle. Here are some of the general factors that determine your app cost:

  • Complexity
  • App Platform and development model
  • Features (general and premium)
  • Development Time
  • Changes and new requirements
  • Testing and QA
  • Optimization and Promotion cost
  • Maintenance cost

Yes. We provide detailed feasibility and market study for your ideas if you want them. Our team can provide you with a detailed map of your app and how it can perform in the modern market using standard tools and techniques.

We generally provide full support for our developed apps for the first year. You do have options to extend it further.

You can be involved in different levels of the app development process. Our mobile app developers are some of the best in Australia and they are capable of independently handling your project. However, with your input, we can meet your expectations better.

Yes, our team can give you detailed guidelines on how to use the app. This can be done through videos, conferences, or other mediums of your choice. We can also provide training for your staff if necessary.

The answer depends on your app and business type. Here are the most common app monetization models available.

  • Advertising based
  • Pay Per Download
  • In-App Purchases
  • Freemium
  • Subscription

Our development and marketing team can help you select the right model for your mobile application in Australia.

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