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Get some weight off your shoulder. Outsource us for the maximum Return of Investments on your effort and time. To scale your company to the next level, you need a consistent team and understands your brand values. Projects assigned to us are executed by a high-efficiency team of professionals with an experienced project leader who thrives under pressure.

Avail from our first-class IT services on the expedition to skyrocket your business. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to outsource your digital demands, then look no further.

Software Development Company Melbourne Australia

Our Services

Software Development

From planning and analysis to design and development, VolgAI takes care of all your software necessities with advanced workflow and efficient planning. While software development might be a complicated process, our team does it effortlessly. Automate the repetitive tasks so you and your crew can focus on scaling the businesses.

Website & App Development

Developing a solid website yields traffic and higher engagements. Not to mention your website is the first impression of your business online. Outsource all sorts of web and app development projects for aesthetically functional web development solutions for improved user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages is a complicated process that demands great attention to detail and top-notch content production. SEO requires a degree of expertise and a lot of research. While millions of websites compete for the same keyword, our team provides you with a discrete framework to rank higher and establish your brand as a good source of information in Search Engines.

Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is not as effective anymore. Yield an exceptional ROI with our outstanding Digital Marketing Strategies that prepare you for endless opportunities to diversify your marketing expectations. By outsourcing your digital marketing projects to us, you get the most out of your marketing resources and investments. Acquire more quality leads and expand your customer base.

Data Analytics

Get the most out of real-time owned and earned data monitoring facilities with VolgAI. Never waste your time on metrics that do not bring value with our sophisticated analytical implementations. With a solid team in place constantly keeping an eye on major KPIs through intelligent data-driven auxiliaries, you will never miss opportunities to boost your ROI in ways that were not available before.

Why Work WIth Us?

Operating a successful business in today's age requires robust IT infrastructure and an effective team. At VolgAI, we acknowledge the obstructions of combating digital requirements of the current generation with limited resources. With us, you will never exhaust your marketing allocations. Our team does not compromise on quality, and we value your time.

Competitive Pricing

Our unique company structure allows us to operate at highly competitive pricing compared to our competitors. If you have been approaching IT companies for services similar to ours, you will note that VolgAI's services are exceptionally reasonable. We believe in providing high-quality services to businesses of all ranges. From small startups to enterprise-level organizations, our services are neatly priced that fits all.


VolgAI operates under 100% confidentiality, which means we would never reveal our brand to your clients. You need not worry about watermarks or any sort of promotional properties from our side. Your clients will never be able to differentiate our works from yours. During our working period, we will generate all the documentation and reports under your corporate identity.


VolgAI is based in Melbourne, Australia, facilitating reliable and content IT management services to assist you in building a synergy with digital AI to change the face of business and reach new heights. Our innovative managed company IT service, support,, and solutions help streamline your business operations with enhanced customer satisfaction in today's competitive landscape.

We are in Australia

Using our services, you would want to share it with your networks. We will thank you with a 10-15% discount on our services for every company you refer to us. Consider it our way of showing thankfulness towards your kind gesture. On top of that, we do not doubt that your colleagues will thank you for letting them know about our services.

How We Work

Digital Marketing is deeply rooted within our culture, and we want you to excel through our collaborative efforts to ensure high-level achievements. Our work schemes rely on understanding you and your business in-depth. While our primary focus is to rinse with your core values, we constantly keep up with the evolving business trends.

Getting to Know Your Business

Before diving into research and planning, we take our time on assessment and gather as much information as possible. The team assembles pain points of your business and sectors that need improvements. This is where we require you to educate about your services and provide a deeper insight into the organization.

Understanding Your market

Understanding your audience gives us a broader perspective on your marketing potentials. Getting a proper perception of your market helps us further identify the customer behaviour and their experience with your brand. This also gives us a perspective on future steps that need to be taken.

Drafting Strategies and Execution

Upon a complete evaluation of your brand values and audience, it's time for us to develop an actionable plan to provide you with a strategic direction and get the most out of our services. Our projects are tailored to your requirements and fully flexible for unforeseen complications.

Continuous Enhancements

Through continued management, data, and reporting, our team conducts regular maintenance and evaluation to monitor progress and identify metrics that need change. As our team works in multiple industries, we have the upper hand in the latest trends and engagement opportunities. We will keep you updated on any relevant possibilities to enhance that serve your market.

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