Not all chatbots use Artificial Intelligence, and not all AI has a message interface;
But Verna Does !

Introducing Verna, Best Chatbot App

Do you see a blue bubble at the bottom right corner of our website? That’s Verna, VolgAI’s very own AI Assistant. She can help you understand VolgAI, our services, and much more. She can even hear your voice! Go give her a tap or click and start interacting with her.

Chatbot app development can be a challenging process, but with an expert team working with the right plan, you can build a chatbot app service that offers great worth. That’s what our Chatbot Dev. The team is an expert here at VolgAI.


The VolgAI team specifies in developing chatbot solutions Melbourne that can achieve connections with clients. Our chatbots act more like humans than ever before and help industries gain client loyalty and progress customer activities.

Benefits of Choosing VolgAI’s Chatbot

Prompt Customer Service

Reach your customers when they want to. When people can bounce from one shop to another in just a few clicks, they certainly don’t want to wait for basic questions. With a chatbot, they don’t have to. Your chatbot will be attending to your customers when you’re not available. Our chatbot service is capable of taking care of basic Q&As relating to your business and handling real-time conversations with customers.

Marketing Data Collection

Chatbots are also capable of collecting data to draft a marketing list. When a customer clicks our chatbot, they are asked to provide their name & contact details. Also, through fluent communication and natural language processing (NLP), our chatbots can understand what products & services a customer is interested in, thus giving insights into your audiences.

Help Customers Find the Products They Want

Through real-time and human-like conversations, our chatbots can ask or understand what the customer is inquiring for and help them find the exact products they’re searching for. This helps customers find what they came for faster eliminating the need for endlessly navigating through all your web pages.

Send Marketing Campaigns to Audience “Very” Interested in Your Products

Chatbots can collect all sorts of data valuable to business owners. For instance, VolgAI’s Chatbot asks customers their name & contact details. People that have landed on your website and interacted with your chatbot are, in fact, “Very” interested in your products and thus our chatbot app enables you to send marketing campaigns that have very high conversion rates.

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Remind Customers of Shopping Cart Items

Now if you’ve got an eCommerce website, we’ve got a bonus benefit for you. Our Chatbot app can boost your sales by reminding customers about items in their shopping cart, in case they’ve forgotten which, statistically, improves the rate of returning customers and higher sales.

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