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Let go of the statistical hassle with VolgAI’s reliable Data Analytics services. Benefit from our real-time owned and earned data monitoring channels to facilitate your service and engagement. With VolgAI’s data analysis services, you will never waste your time on metrics that do not bring value. Instead, unlock the real potential of your data and focus on driving real value through KPIs that matter. Our team utilizes the most dependable business intelligence Melbourne has on offer. 

With our Data Analysis Services, you will avail of our flexible and custom-made analytical implementations along with access to high-tech tools to solve complex data-driven issues of your business. 

Digital Analysis has brought tremendous change in the digital marketing landscape as its findings can use it to boost ROI in ways that were not available in the past. Therefore, to thrive in today’s data-driven market, you need a solid Data Analysis strategy in place. Luckily, our team excels at data adjustment for you to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign

Why use our Data Analytics Services?

VolgAI’s analytical team is expert at drafting out Data Analytical strategies based on the core objectives. Analysing data can provide meaningful insights on problems faced by your organisation and open possibilities to solve them effectively. All projects at VolgAI start with in-depth competitive research and a clear vision of structural data to innovate your product or services.

Affordable Services

Services at VolgAI do not go overboard with the cost since we prioritise providing valuable offerings to businesses of all scales. Budgeting a project depends upon its complexity and the time it consumes. First, we set the requirements and goal-setting of the project and quote our services accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

Imitating your competitor is not enough; you need to outshine them. At VolgAI, we assess your competitors and identify their weak points as well as their strengths. Our team then utilizes the data to develop a winning framework to surpass your competition and stay ahead in the game.

Comprehensive Reporting

Besides creating a beautiful website that works in your favour, we also must hand over reports that make sense to you. VolgAI acknowledges that the complex data we present might not make sense, so our team will offer a visual representation of your KPIs, making you clear of the improvements that our strategies have brought to your website.

Our Data Analysis Services

Data Modeling is the process of visually representing an information system to secure communication and illustrate the data within the system. It establishes bonds among data types in an organized manner. We collect information and business requirements from stakeholders then, translate the data structures into a concrete database design before taking action on them. Consider it as a roadmap that facilitates a clear understanding of the modelling progress.

Data Warehousing is the process of putting together relevant data and information and storing them in a structured database. As the name implies, Data Warehousing is the process of storing a large quantity of data designed explicitly for queries and analyses rather than transactional processes. During this process, the analytical data is transformed into understandable information which could be used in a timely manner.

Data Engineering is a collaborative operation to improve data transparency to drive trustworthy business decisions. It prepares data for operational use by building data pipelines from various source systems. Data Engineering aims to provide accessible and optimizable access to the organization’s large data ecosystem. Therefore, it varies with the organization’s size we are working with. 

Real-time data streaming refers to the process of taking action as the data is being generated. Simply put, it is the process of frequent measurement of real-time data that are necessary for a particular usage. These data are immediately available from the source without any delay, particularly for follow-up action. For instant, traders use real-time stock data to help trigger a buy, no-buy, or sell action.

Programs We Work With

What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is applying statistical techniques to illustrate and evaluate essential data components to ensure appropriate findings that help shape a company’s digital strategy. The method includes inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling the data.

Do you offer analytical services to e-commerce stores?

Yes! VolgAI offers exclusive analytical services to e-commerce stores, such as gathering data from different areas to evaluate, representing them using Business Intelligence tools and understanding the trends to inspire data-driven decisions. The decisions further lead to worry-free e-commerce operations focused on driving sales and increasing revenue. 

What can Data Analysis do for my marketing?

Companies can benefit from Data Analysis in various ways. Some of them are: 

  • Personalizing the customer experience
  • Informed decision-making 
  • Streamlining business operations 
  • Limiting risks and handling setbacks

What kind of business do you usually work with?

Our clients come from all sorts of industries, including small start-ups to large corporations. VolgAI accepts clients from information technology, education, healthcare, consulting, travel & tour, accommodation, real estate, retail, banking, manufacturing, communications, and public services. Contact us for more details regarding the industries we accept.

How much do Data Analysis services cost me?

The cost of our Data Analysis services relies on different factors such as time frames, utility usage, project targets, and complexity. For a quotation, kindly email us at or reach us via any social channels.