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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok & LinkedIn to build social relationships with a business’s audience and promote its products and services.

In today’s context where everyone’s constantly connected with everyone else sharing texts and communicating through video calls, we understand just how much social media channels can help in digitally growing a company. That’s why VolgAI is here to help you take control of your Socials and better communicate with your audience. 

How ample is an unsuccessful (or missing) social media presence costing your business? How several possible clients are you not winning? How various of your current clients are engaging with your contestants? As one of the leading social media companies Melbourne has to offer, we see just in what way effective social media can be and the boundless chances that it can carry to your business. volgAI bids sensibly achieved social media marketing in Melbourne to drive meetings, produce leads, and upsurge income, also as a separate campaign or as a key module of your broader marketing policy.

We can help you establish relationships with a targeted audience that potentially turn into quality leads and paying customers. We also help you to run PPC services in Melbourne on these social media platforms to target the right pool of users into engaging with you and your products and services.

Social Media Management Melbourne & Sydney

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Monthly Social Media Calendar & Strategy
  • Customised & Brand Enriching Graphic Designs
  • Call-To-Actions & Click Inducing Post Copies
  • Monthly Post Scheduling & Posting
  • Ad Manager, Content and Ads Campaign Setup
  • Lead Generation & Management 
  • Quality Leads at Below Market Average Price
  • Monthly Ads Reporting

Can you look after my company’s social media pages?

Yes, we look after your social media pages, promote your services & products with captivating ads and bring high-quality leads that convert more often than not.

Can you look after my personal social media page?

Yes, of course! We can take care of your personal social media profiles so you can confidently focus on your business.

How many posts per week do you offer?

Our basic plan includes 2 posts per week but we can tailor our plan to your business needs. If you require more than 2 posts per week, we’re more than happy to provide. Give us a call: 0433 594 555