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Take your business to the next level with VolgAI’s top-of-line Software Development Services. Volgai the best Software development company has to offer is best at comprehending the client’s needs and turning their vision into reality. At VolgAI, we assist companies from every industry with custom software development solutions. Regardless of the complexity or volume, VolgAI will get you covered by developing digitized pillars with low TCO.

As one of Melbourne’s top custom Software Development companies, our services come with a broad scope of programming and administrations. From planning and analysis to product design and development, we will ensure that your desired software functions and serves your business growth. While software development services are a complicated process, our team makes it look easy. The advanced workflow that we adopt conceives every step of a high-quality software application with proper testing and bug fixing.

Business software applications automate complex and time-consuming processes to save time and money. Get your business one step ahead of the competition with one of the best teams of software developers Melbourne has ever seen. Years of experience in the field has allowed us to understand that each business comes with their prerequisites. VolgAI has provided custom software development services to clients of diverse areas.

Reach us with your plan, and our team will guide you through our software development services.

Why Choose Us?

VolgAI offers you a one-stop Software Development Services with our senior-level developers with no less than five years of experience in the relevant fields. Although based in Melbourne, we have collaborated and worked with businesses from all over the world.

Since the beginning of VolgAI, businesses have benefited from our software development services to increase their revenue significantly. At, VolgAI we believe in innovative IT support solutions for problems that modern companies face daily. Our team of experts is committed to developing software applications that guarantee efficient and mature data management within a business.

Agile Development

VolgAI uses the best Agile Development methodologies and practices to produce superior outcomes as promised and on time. It lets us deliver value quicker, with higher quality and predictability, and greater ability to react to improvements and modifications.

Customisable to your needs

Your software should reflect your brand. We offer you unlimited customisation based on your business objectives and requirements. Our team can tailor your software product the way you envisioned it to be and the way you want it to work.

Quality Assurance

Our team of innovative and dedicated Software Developers, Designers and Quality Assurance Managers ensure you receive appropriate software solutions to your business needs. Our software products are both secure & use up-to-date technologies.

Our Services

  • Corporate Web System Solutions 
  • ETL Software Applications 
  • Digital Asset Management Solutions 
  • IoT Services 
  • AI/ML Web Applications
  • Web Portals 
  • Payment Applications
  • Custom iOS and Android applications
  • Native and cross-platform solutions 
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications 
  • Multimedia Software Development 
  • Automated QA and testing 
  • UI/UX design development 
  • Maintenance and post-warranty
  • Cloud Software Development 
  • Cloud-Based IoT Solutions 
  • Cloud Integration and Optimization 
  • DevOps and Cloud Management
  • System and Hardware-Level Desktop Application Solutions
  • Plugins Development
  • Software Developments Kit
  • Multimedia Software Development
  • Cross-Platform Software Application

Programs We Work With

Our Software Development Process

Software development company Melbourne Australia

Analysis and Planning

The first stage of developing software is setting up the client's expectations. Next, the project team usually sets up a meeting with the stakeholders to figure out their requirements. Then, a set of information is collected, such as the target audience demographic, which helps to set the tone. After that, the project leader will lay out the actual plans and designs of the software development. Some of the key points to cover during the analysis and planning stage include: Project scheduling under the company's goals Expectation concerning the company's long-term vision Availability of resources and budget estimation

Setting Up Requirements

After the analysis and some planning, we will have an overall expectation of the clients. However, at the second stage, we proceed with the technical requirements of the project. To create industry-leading software, we need to pinpoint the problems to be fixed through the application and the features it needs to control. Therefore, you will be required to answer: What problem does the application solve? How are you going to handle security? Who will be using the software? Are any other tools or APIs integrated? Upon acquiring answers to the questions above, the team can finally identify technical requirements and test the technology stacks. This is where we break down a large project plan into small actionable chunks.

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Designing a Prototype

Depending upon the technical requirements, we start working on the initial designs. Then, with the proper expectations in place, the team develops an intuitive design and function of the software. Finally, depending upon the software development process you picked, our team either creates wireframes or a full-fledged prototype to test them with real users.

Programming & Implementation

The actual Software Development begins as we proceed with programming or coding using a preferred programming language. During the process, the project team will conduct numerous trials to ensure the software is free of possible errors. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you as a client stay in touch frequently to monitor and ensure smooth operations.

Software Development Company Melbourne Australia

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Once the software development is complete, our team takes it through various layers of testing to exterminate existing errors. Although trials are done during the developing phase, programmers might not be evidence of an application's issues during its usage. So, our experts will provide feedback on any possible enhancements or errors that need to be fixed before finalizing the software.


All the hard work finally pays out when the software is deployed to all the users. Then, the project team executes the final deployment plan to bring forth the fresh and highly functional product that guarantees the project succession with everything out of the way.

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Operation and Maintenance

Launching the software does not mean the work is done. For a successful Software Development Cycle, it requires a periodic checkup and updates. As users begin running your applications consistently, they will find bugs or ask for new features as there will always be some room for improvements. Even if the software seems 100% free of errors, regular maintenance is a must for a sustainable application.

What is Software Development?

Software Development is the process of designing and programming applications or frameworks through testing and debugging. To put it simply, it is the manifestation of desired software that begins with a concept to solve a particular issue at hand. 

Do you offer e-commerce Software Development?

Yes! Our Software Development services include e-commerce applications to help ease the online store processes. In addition, VolgAI’s team has experience in developing software that assists in inventory management, product addition or removal, payment gateways, fulfilling orders, and much more.

What can Software Development do for my business?

Software Development provides innovative possibilities to streamline your business with better communication and efficient workflows. Moreover, using software applications helps automate your business, doubling the productivity and the return on investments.

How much does developing software cost me?

Software Development services vary according to the client’s expectation and requirement, so does the price. There are certain factors to consider before providing you with a cost, such as time, scope, location, project complexity, additional integration, and more. Reach us at for a custom quotation.

What kind of business do you usually work with?

Our clients come from all sorts of industries, including small start-ups to large corporations. VolgAI accepts clients from information technology, education, healthcare, consulting, travel & tour, accommodation, real estate, retail, banking, manufacturing, communications, and public services. Contact us for more details regarding the industries we accept.

Do you provide support services after the development?

Yup! The software development cycle is not complete without periodic maintenance and updates. Often, there are suggestions and requests for additional features after the application has rolled out to the public. Therefore, our team is constantly on the lookout for possible updates and improvements. 

How Can Software Development Benefit My Business?

Investing in custom software development has a ton of benefits that can help the growth and productivity of your business. Let’s go through a few:

  • Measure and track a company’s productivity and massive data sets.
  • Employee tasks should be simplified and reduced.
  • By automating repetitive operations, you can save money and time.
  • CRM systems can be used to track sales leads.
  • Customer relations should be managed.
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of communication with customers, clients, employees, and shareholders.