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VolgAI's state of the art software development team is obsessed to provide innovative and customised software development solutions to aspiring businesses. We simplify your complex processes with modern development tools and techniques. Take your business to the next level with our tailored software development services.

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VolgAI is a Prominent software development company in Melbourne. We excel at recognising the client’s needs and turning their vision into reality. At VolgAI, we assist companies from every industry with custom software development solutions. The advanced workflow that we adopt conceives every step of a high-quality software application with proper testing and optimization. Regardless of the complexity or volume, our experienced development team will get you covered by developing digitised pillars with low TCO.

We understand the unique requirements of modern businesses and equip them with custom software at competitive pricing. Our team is equipped with experience and innovative ideas to maintain high standards. From planning and analysis to product design and development, we ensure that your desired software functions and serves your business growth. While the process of developing a software is complex, we assist you with simplified communication so you can be aware and involved at every step. Training, Maintenance & Recovery are also sorted at a single stop while you’re partnering with VolgAI.

Reach us with your plans/ideas/queries, and our team will guide you through our software development services best fit for you.

Web Applications

We build professional feature-rich, adaptable, secure, and scalable web applications with attention to detail on delivering high quality. We specialise in Corporate Web System Solutions, ETL Software Applications, Digital Asset Management Solutions, IoT Services, AI/ML Web Applications, Web Portals, Payment Applications and more.

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Mobile Apps Development

We develop custom mobile applications for both Android and IOs platforms for your business. Our team of experienced cross-platform & native app developers utilise the latest development practices to ensure mobile apps are of the highest quality. With a capable UI/UX and support team, expect a full suite of services for Mobile Apps Development in Australia here.

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Cloud Applications

Our team specialises in creating cloud-native applications for your business. Stay relevant, and modern with the advanced development team in VolgAI. We also provide cloud-based IoT solutions with integration, optimization, and cloud management services.

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Desktop Applications

We are one of the best desktop application development companies in Australia offering System and hardware-level desktop application solutions. Our team excels at building cross-platform software applications, plugins, development kits, and multimedia software.

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What Makes Us Better Than Other Companies in Australia?

We Make A Difference In Your Business With Our Expertise
We provide services that complement and elevate your business. It is no longer an expense but a smart investment when our experts are working for your business. When your digital presence of any form (websites, apps, social media, and more) generates revenue while spreading your brand message globally, you can't complain.
Our developers are passionate to set and exceed the high standard with each product. Similarly, Our digital marketing team is filled with experienced leaders and young fresh ideas. We have over a decade of experience serving hundreds of active clients to reach their business goals. All these and more at a very competitive and reasonable cost, there is no challenge too difficult to overcome while partnering with us. VolgAI grows together with your success. We make sure you are not short of anything with exemplary IT Services in Australia.

Our Professional Approach To Software Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Software Development is the process of designing and programming applications or frameworks through testing and debugging. To put it simply, it is the manifestation of desired software that begins with a concept to solve a particular issue at hand.

Yes! Our Software Development services include e-commerce applications to help ease the online store processes. In addition, VolgAI’s team has experience in developing software that assists in inventory management, product addition or removal, payment gateways, fulfilling orders, and much more.

Software Development provides innovative possibilities to streamline your business with better communication and efficient workflows. Moreover, using software applications helps automate your business, doubling the productivity and the return on investments.

Software Development services vary according to the client’s expectations and requirements: so does the price. There are certain factors to consider before providing you with a cost, such as time, scope, location, project complexity, additional integration, and more. Reach us at for a custom quotation.

Our clients come from all sorts of industries, including small start-ups to large corporations. VolgAI accepts clients from information technology, education, healthcare, consulting, travel & tour, accommodation, real estate, retail, banking, manufacturing, communications, and public services. Contact us for more details regarding the industries we accept.

Yup! The software development cycle is not complete without periodic maintenance and updates. Often, there are suggestions and requests for additional features after the application has rolled out to the public. Therefore, our team is constantly on the lookout for possible updates and improvements.

Investing in custom software development has a ton of benefits that can help the growth and productivity of your business. Let’s go through a few:

  • Measure and track a company’s productivity and massive data sets.
  • Employee tasks should be simplified and reduced.
  • By automating repetitive operations, you can save money and time.
  • CRM systems can be used to track sales leads.
  • Customer relations should be managed.
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of communication with customers, clients, employees, and shareholders.

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